Self-made man

"Ish bin ein Bearleener" John F. Kennedy

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Le temps des décisions (Hard Choices) written by Hillary R. Clinton.
"I take pride in the words : “Ich bin ein Berliner” "

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s speech in Berlin (26 August 1963)

The Perks of Detox Water + 4 Simple Recipes! 
Drinking detox water has become a major health trend throughout the world and with good reason; detoxing helps clear your body of harmful substances and benefits to weight loss, glowing skin, increased energy, and much more. Who knew that such a pure combination of simple fruits, vegetables, and herbs could strengthen your body -both mentally and physically- so much? 
Taking care of your body is vital for a healthy and happy life! We are all born with only one, so it is important to nourish it. 
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